Video of the fabrication steps for Argus III retinal prosthetic device

The US Department of Energy-funded Artificial Retina project is geared toward developing an epi-retinal prosthesis. To date, the effort resulted in fabrication of Argus I and Argus II devices with, respectively, 16 and 60 sites for retinal stimulation. The Argus II device has been commercialized by the company Second Sight and already gained the marketing approval in Europe with plans for the US approval in 2012.  Meanwhile, the continued effort is underway at the Center for Microtechnology and Nanotechnology at the Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL) to fabricate the third-generation device, Argus III, that will have 1000 or more stimulation sites.  Those who are curious about the advanced microfabrication steps involved in making the Argus III can have a look at this video produced by the LLNL. The video is shot at spectacular 1080p and details all major steps from patterning the layers to device release from the wafer and its integration with a wireless chip.

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  1. I am doing a research paper on retinal implants and would like to know the results of the Argus III. It would be greatly appriciated. Thank you for your time.

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