International Conference on Neuroprosthetic Devices (ICNPD)-2012

Panel discussion sessions

1. Packaging challenge: Designing and evaluating methods for packaging of miniature
(< 50 cubic mm) implantable active electronic devices

Moderator: Gregg Suaning (University of New South Wales)
Martin Schüttler (University of Freiburg)
Phil Troyk (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Anne Vanhoestenberghe (University College London)
Bryan McLaughlin (Draper Laboratory)
Thomas Guenther (University of New South Wales)

2. Stimulation challenge: Electrode modifications to increase the charge injection density

Moderator: Stuart Cogan (EIC Laboratories)
Yael Hanein (Tel Aviv University)
Paul Carter (Cochlear Ltd.)
Gene Fridman (Johns Hopkins University)
Nishant Lawand (Delft University of Technology)

3. Electrode Assessment challenge: Relevance of impedance-based analytical techniques, in-vitro and in-vivo, for determining stability of chronic electrode-tissue interface

Moderator: Nathalia Peixoto (George Mason University)
Nick Donaldson (University College London)
Stuart Cogan (EIC Laboratories)
Pavel Takmakov (Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA)
André Mercanzini (Aleva Neurotherapeutics SA)

4. Intra-cortical Implantation challenge: Reducing the tissue response with novel electrode designs

Moderator: Jack Judy (DARPA)
Ellis Meng (University of Southern California)
André Mercanzini (Aleva Neurotherapeutics SA)
Aryeh Taub (Weizmann Institute)
Cecilia Eriksson Linsmeier (Lund University)
Lohitash Karumbaiah (Georgia Tech)

5. Retinal Prosthesis challenge: Improving spatial and temporal resolution with novel electrode designs and stimulation patterns

Moderator: Nigel Lovell (University of New South Wales)
Takashi Tokuda (Nara Institute of Science & Technology)
Philippe Bergonzo (CEA LIST Institute)
Eberhart Zrenner (University of Tübingen)
Shelley Fried (Boston VA Medical Center)
Jong-Mo Seo (Seoul National University)

6. Intra-neural Recording and Stimulation challenge: Improving selectivity and bandwidth for limb prosthesis control and sensory feedback

Moderator: Silvestro Micera (EPFL)
Karim Oweiss (Michigan State University)
Prashant Tathireddy (University of Utah)
Ranu Jung (Florida International University)
Warren Grill (Duke University)
Tim Boretius (University of Freiburg)


Poster session