The compilation of poster abstracts can be downloaded here:

First AuthorPositionUniversity/Institute/Company/AgencyCountryPoster Title
Cortical prosthetics for BMI and muscle paralysis
Fabian KohlerPost-doc/Research AssociateAlbert-Ludwigs-University FreiburgGermanyA Wireless Bidirectional Brain-Machine Interface Suitable for Long-Term Implantation
Christoph KapellerPhD StudentGuger Technologies OGGermanyOnline Classification of code-based VEPs using ECoG
Anette TrobackPhD StudentLund University/NRCSwedenFlexibility is an Important Factor when Designing New MEAs
Olaf ChristPhD StudentAlbert-Ludwigs-University FreiburgGermanyChallenges in an animal model for a Neuroprosthesis
Vahid ShalchyanPhD StudentUniversity Medical Center GottingenGermanyEnhanced Peri-Event Time Histograms from Intracortical Recordings with Matched Wavelets for Spike Detection
Shane GuilloryOtherRippleUnited StatesWireless ECoG recording system
Device fabrication and packaging
Christian HenlePost-doc/Research AssociateCortec GmbHGermanyMicrofabrication of Neural Electrode Arrays by Laser-Processing
Ivan MinevPost-doc/Research AssociateEPFLSwitzerlandElastomer Based Neural Electrodes for Mechanically Challenging Environments
Ramona GerwigPost-doc/Research AssociateNatural and Medical Sciences Institute, University of TuebingenGermanyAdvanced recording, stimulation and sensing using PEDOT-CNT MEA
Juan OrdonezPhD StudentAlbert-Ludwigs-University FreiburgGermanyAdvances in polyimide-based thin-film electrode arrays
Christian BoehlerPhD StudentAlbert-Ludwigs-University FreiburgGermanyDrug delivery characteristics of PEDOT
Marijn van DongenPhD StudentTU DelftNetherlandsA 10MHz Switched-mode power efficient neural stimulator
Nishant LawandPhD StudentTU DelftGermanyTitanium Nitride as a micro-electrode material for auditory nerve stimulation and sensing purposes
Cees-Jeroen BesPhD StudentTU DelftNetherlandsAn Additive Instantaneously Companding Neural Readout System for Cochlear Implants
Soren SorensenOtherDanish Technological InstituteDenmarkSputter Deposited TiN Thin Film Coatings for Optimized Electrochemical Performance of Neurostimulation Electrodes
In vitro & in vivo device testing
Dennis PlachtaPost-doc/Research AssociateIMTEK, University of FreiburgGermanySelective Stimulation of the Vagal Nerve Reduces Blood Pressure and Avoids Significant Bradycardia and Bradypnea
Anja RichterPost-doc/Research AssociateUniversity of LuebeckGermanyFlexible brain implants dressed up with a real biological surface
Naser Pour AryanPhD StudentUniversity of UlmGermanyA Study on Modeling of Iridium Electrodes
Suzan MeijsPhD StudentAalborg UniversityDenmarkInvestigation of electrochemical behavior of porous TiN stimulation electrodes in vivo
Daniel McDonnallOtherRippleUnited StatesWireless Multichannel Myoelectric Implant for Control of Prostheses
Matthew McDonaldPhD StudentIMO-MECBelgiumNeuroblastoma Cell Proliferation on Hydrogen and Oxygen Terminated Nano-crystalline Diamond
Luciano FurlanettiPhD StudentUniversity Hospital FreiburgGermanyThe effect of subthalamic nucleus inhibition in the survival of dopaminergic grafts in a rat model of Parkinson’s disease: An in vivo platform for testing Smart Energy-Autonomous Micronode devices in models of movement disorders
Vision prosthetics
Gregoire DenisPhD StudentUniversity of Toulouse / CNRSFranceSimulated prosthetic vision: object recognition and localization approach
Archana JalligampalaPhD StudentInstitute of Ophthalmic Research, University of TuebingenGermanyElectrically Evoked Responses of Retinal Ganglion Cells in Wild-type and Rd10 Mouse Retinas
Florian HelmholdOtherNatural and Medical Sciences Institute, University of TuebingenGermanySpike detection during electrical stimulation in a population of retinal ganglion cells
Paula KlimachOtherUniversity of LuebeckGermanyModification of Flexible Probe by Electrochemical Etching to Reduce Impedance
Eberhart ZrennerOtherInstitute of Ophthalmic Research, University of TuebingenGermanyWhat Blind Retinitis Pigmentosa Patients Can See when Using the New Subretinal Wireless Implant Alpha-IMS