The compilation of abstracts can be downloaded here:

Vision prosthetics   
Calvin Eiber University of New South Wales Trends in Retinal Ganglion Cell Threshold in Visual Prosthesis
Shijie Yin University of New South Wales Pseudo-Bidomain Computational Model of the Retinal Architecture 
Miganoosh Abramian University of New South Wales Simulated 3D retinal ganglion cell response to electrical stimulation
Tianruo Guo University of New South Wales A Modified Retinal Ganglia Cell Model 
Spencer Chen University of New South Wales A 3D Spiking Activity Strength-Duration Model of Cortical Response to Suprachoroidal Retinal Stimulation
Ching-Cheng Chou National Chiao Tung University Design of a Solar-cell Powered CMOS Implantable Chip for Subretinal Prostheses
 Philip Troyk Illinois Institute of Technology Microstimulator Module for an Intracortical Visual Prosthesis
Epilepsy neuromodulation  
Chien-Chun Huang National Chiao Tung University Seizure-association fibers in patients with chronic focal seizures ― A combined CCEP-DTI study
Chi Jeng National Chiao Tung University Implementation of Low-Power Multi-Channel Close-Loop Epileptic Seizure Detection
Shun-Ting Chang National Chiao Tung University Fast Training for Epileptic Seizure Detector
Prosthetics for paralysis of somatic muscles   
Nalan Ektas University of Sydney Development of a Novel FES Rowing System
Neurochemical sensing  
Felicia Manciu University of Texas at El Paso Raman Spectroscopic Imaging of Neurotransmitters
Neuroprosthetic electrodes  
Abhishek Prasad University of Miami Predicting Microelectrode Array Functionality using Biotic and Abiotic Metrics In Vivo
Claudia Tsas MicroProbes for Life Sciences Implantable Active MicroElectrode Arrays
Signal processing and telemetry  
Sheng-Fu Liang National Cheng Kung University Development and Applications of a Wireless Portable Physiological Signal Monitoring System for Freely Moving Rats
Chandan Reddy University of Iowa Decoding Arm Kinematics from ECoG Signals in Humans During a Reach Task