Session 1. Deep brain stimulation for treatment of Parkinson’s disease

Dr. H. L. Lin, China Medical Univ., Taiwan

DBS neuromodulation for Parkinson’s disease

Prof. Kendall Lee and Mr. Kevin Bennet, Mayo Clinic, USA

Wireless sensor for measuring concentrations of dopamine,serotonin, and glutamate in the deep brain

Dr. Douglas McCreery, HMRI, USA

Microelectrodes for stimulation and recording in the deep brain 

Session 2. Deep brain stimulation and recording for treatment of epilepsy

Dr. Yue-Loong Hsin, Tzu Chi Medical Center, Hwalien, Taiwan

Clinical diagnostics and surgery for epilepsy

Dr. Sydney Cash, Mass. General Hospital, USA

Cortical activity monitoring for seizure prediction and suppression

Prof. Richard Staba, UCLA, USA

Deep brain activity monitoring for seizure prediction

Dr. Stephen Wong, Univ. Pennsylvania, USA

Novel algorithm for automated functional localization of STN from microelectrode recordings in the deep brain

Session 3. Prosthetic devices for restoration of hearing

Prof. Sung June Kim, Seoul National Univ., Korea

Design and Performance of a Simplified, Inexpensive, Multichannel Cochlear Implant

Dr. Douglas McCreery, HMRI, USA

Stimulation of auditory brainstem for neurofibromatosis 2

Session 4. Prosthetic devices for muscle paralysis

Dr. Shih-Ching Chen,Tapei Medical University, Taiwan

Clinical application of functional electrical stimulation

Prof. Jiping He, Arizona State U., USA

Controlling posture and movement with cortical and spinal electrodes

Dr. Henrich Cheng, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan

Noninvasive cortical stimulation and functional electrical stimulation for patients with CNS lesions

Dr. Victor Pikov, HMRI, USA

Controlling bladder reflexes with intraspinal penetrating electrodes

Session 5. Microelectrode biocompatibility and novel technologies

Prof. William Shain, Wadsworth Center , USA

Strategies for understanding and controlling cell and tissue responses to inserted neural probes

Prof. Yael Hanein, Tel-Aviv Univ., Israel

Carbon nanotube-based multi-electrode arrays for neuronal interfacing

Dr. Edward Keefer, U. Texas, USA (presented by Mr. Harvey Wiggins, Plexon)

Modifying metal electrodes with carbon nanotubes

Prof. C. J. Chiou, National Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan

Integration and miniaturization of 3D electrode

Prof. Jun Ohta, Nara Inst. Science Tech, Japan

Electrode-embedded CMOS image sensor